The Beauty Of Christmas - Scripture Picture Art

The Beauty Of Christmas - Scripture Picture Art

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Memorization Of God's Word Is Crucial! Yet, it's NOT an easy skill to master.
SCRIPTURE+PICTURE Can & Will Help You Master God's Word Naturally & Will Beautify Your Home, Office & Outdoor Living Area At The Same Time. Scripture+Picture's are one-of-a-kind Designs of Scripture Verses With Images to help you memorize Scripture.  Making sure we have God's Words Tucked Into Our Hearts & Minds IS The Most Important Asset We Could Have. WHY? Because It Helps Strengthen YOU In Your Everyday Life! God's Word Is powerful, it strengthens us, empowers us, protects us, soften's our hearts and most important it draws us close to our Creator whose one and only desire is for us to KNOW HIM! Memorizing God's Written Words, His Love Letter To Us, IS How We Become Christians Who KNOW HIM! AND Once We Know The One who IS our Creator On A Personal Level, WE Become An Enormous Value To This Hurting World which is desperate need of HOPE!

There Has Never Been A More Important Time Then NOW, To Commit To Memorizing Words That Matter & Speak Life!