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Hello Tammi and Bryan, this is France from Canada.   I took my class with you guys on Nov 2008 and wanted to let you know that since then, you guys have been part of my life almost daily, rather I am working on a project, or thinking about one.  I am so thankful that in Nov 2008 i made the decision of flying to Phoenix and take your class. That changed my life in a big way. I don’t use my knowledge working for others, but mostly doing things for me and playing around the yard.  I just thought since you guys as so much part of my life, and giving how often I think of you, I thought I would share with you how I feel.  Thanks again for giving me such knowledge and for being who you are.


Good evening Tammi, The classes my son and I attended were very informative and we enjoyed ourselves with all of the hand on projects. I really enjoyed participating and getting some hands on experience and look forward to collaborating with you guys in the near future when my schedule frees up a bit. Thank you guys for being the kind hearted people that you are and allowing us the opportunity for training. 

Thanks, Michael Francois

Hi Tammy, thank you so was a pleasure meeting you and Bryan.  The training was amazing and I'm very happy to have joined the was well worth it.

Jose Diaz

I had it a great time at the class. I learned a ton and I know there is much much more to still learn. I am very excited about possibilities of working with these products in the future. I really liked Brian's knowledge and willingness to answer any and all questions during the class.   He did a GREAT job!!!

Glenn Hadley

I had an excellent time at the training, It’s 100% worth taking. Best thing I could have done to help deal with my fathers passing. Everyone in my office says I’m a changed person since I have returned.  

Thanks again.
Michael Dellovade

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