Mica Flakes-Large Natural Granite, 1, 1/2" TO 3" - 8oz Bag

Mica Flakes-Large Natural Granite, 1, 1/2" TO 3" - 8oz Bag

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8oz will cover approximately 64 sq. ft.) These real stone flakes will make your countertops, vertical concrete, boulders, rocks look absolutely realistic! 

  • Mica Flakes, NATURAL GRANITE, Fine Grade 1, 1/2" Pieces or Larger up to 3" Flakes, Jewelry Stone Mica (1LB. Bag FOR ONLY $14.95 + FREE TRAINING VIDEOS.).

  • LOOKS LIKE REAL STONE, BECAUSE IT IS REAL STONE! Our Beautiful Natural Granite Jewelry Stone Mica Flakes are Perfect For Creating Beautiful Marble, Granite & Metallic Concrete Countertops, Concrete Flooring, Concrete Water Features, Faux Boulders and More

  • MORE OPTIONS: COLOR YOUR OWN MICA...We know how important it is to get ALL of your mica product costs WAY down!!! ALL SIZES CAN BE COLORED TO ACHIEVE, high-end stucco finishes, high-end furniture, high-end countertops, high-end sinks, high-end flooring, metallic flooring, water features, ceilings with fiber optics, extreme man caves with crystal gems, (we have many crystal molds to pour your extra epoxy into) fiber optics and clap-on water fall man cave entrance, etc., etc.

  • ONLINE TRAINING VIDEOS INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE! VIDEO LINK PROVIDED UPON PURCHASE. YOU CAN ALSO COME TO OUR 3 DAY DECORATIVE CONCRETE HANDS-ON CLASS and We’ll teach you how to process and achieve ANY mica flake color from extremely large 4” to 8” flakes, all the way down to 1/16” or smaller. READ MORE AT OUR SCHOOL WEBSITE: WWW.BETTERPATHS.COM